Thursday, 4 August 2011


Day 5 – Hungary or bust!!!
So, woke up at 7 and got ready – set off at 10 as the packing up is now like a smooth machine (ha ha)
The plan today is to get to Hungary and to the campsite near szeged which is near the border with Romania.
Dave was in the lead today and was convinced that we could get through this leg in one day without much trouble – have to say, not really convinced as the words “when we get into szeged we will remember where the campsite is” although that may be me being overly cynical.
Stopped for lunch at a service station in Austria, where despite the fact that they had a rather extensive menue they only seemed to be serving the daily special which was soup, green salad and something that looked like lumpy pasta and sauce mixed with pot noodle, but I am assured that it was nice – I, not convinced had yet another salami sandwich.
This is the point at which our luck ran out – Dave turned left into a different lane as the road split and John nearly hit the concrete centre of the road, then a large blue waggon nearly hit us – John swore loudly and me and Charlotte cowered into our seats – like if we got far enough away we wouldn’t crash.
After a similar close call, tempers were beginning to fray and the hour was getting late. As the sun sunk over the horizon we ended up in Budapest. Dave had mistakenly taken a left turn and we came to a stand still – stuck in a long line of traffic. As we sat in this jam, the realisation hit us one by one that this was no ordinary traffic jam – all the other cars were Hungarian, not only that but they were not even cars, they were vans driven by middle aged men or very butch women with moustaches. They were all staring at us and an inspection of the backs of the vans revealed that they were full of vegetables. After 15 minutes of this, John’s language hjad plumbed new depths, I was on the edge of a psychotic break and my diazepam was stuck in the back of the van buried under god knows what.
After a further 20 minutes we managed to extricate ourselves and ended up yet again at – yes, you guessed it – MacDonalds - I stomped of to be on my own, Dave went to speak to the staff to find a campsite and the kids, oblivious went to play on the slide.
After additional anti psychotics and strong coffees all round we ended up having a conference around our trailer, where we decided we would get to szeged tonight, or die in the attempt.
We reached the campsite at about midnight to be met by a nice man on a bike who showed us to our pitches - I at this point had had a bit too much “extra” medication and was wandering around in a daze – but Bev, being Mrs fix it, managed to procure us 2 chalets for the night and everyone collapsed into bed – one chalet for the boys and one for the girls
Was it just 24 hours ago that we were sitting around smugly congratulating ourselves on our progress and saying that we had got the knack of travelling – a day is a long time in politics and, as it turns out an even longer time in Hungary!!!!!!!!


  1. nearly there !!! good on you all - except daves left turn lol lol xx not long till relax with a cold beer in BG xx perhaps it good job we didnt come after all with our nav skills :D enjoying following the route on here and imagining all your expressions and colourfull language xx love n hugs to you all xx

  2. OMG!! lEAVE THE CAR THERE and catch the airliner back to England !!!! Just not worth it