Thursday, 4 August 2011


Day 4 – In search of Austria (and bread)
Set off early(ish) after coco pops, for a long drive – weather getting warmer by the minute and we decided that we should have a 3 part plan today – we would either get to Regesburg, Passau, or Lintz in Austria as we are now seriously behind and need to make up the miles!!!!
Stopped for lunch at Burger King in Austria where the wasps ate half the chips, but the toilets were nice – always a bonus.
Got to Passau - still in Germany, near the border with Austria and decided to call it a day and find the campsite. We managed to find a supermarket which was exactly like Lidl and me and Dave did the shopping which was a mistake cos I nearly bought a toaster and we remembered the water, bread and beer, but forgot the butter.
After practicing our sign language skills on yet more patient germans we found the campsite which was (being german) very clean, very efficient and very nice. We had a pleasant evening and retired to bed thinking we had cracked this travelling lark and it was easy.

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