Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Day 6 - into Transilvania!!!!

Set off early to cross into Romania – Quite disconcerting to see signs “bank of Transilvania” into Arad which is a huge undustrial area with loads of waggons and very slow moving traffic – waited about an hour for a train to cross the road by which time we were all boiling hot and eventually broke out into the countryside. The difference with Austria and Hungary is immediately apparent and Romania feels more like Bulgaria than anywhere we have yet visited. This is reassuring as we now get the feeling we are nearly there! Shiny Mercedes and BMW’s have been replaced by horses and carts and home made motorised carts made from trailers and a lawn mower on the front. Spend the next 5 hours travelling through lovely countryside and arrive late afternoon at the campsite which had been recommended to us in Hungary. It is in the middle of a villiage where the locals wave at us and shout greetings and when we arrive we find it is a field behind someones house.
The toilets are clean and the Dutch host speaks brilliant English, we set up camp and the kids go for a swim in the swimming pool and then play football with some German lads until well after dark. The other reminder that we are near Bulgaria is that the mosquitos are out in force and we are grateful for the dust sheets we brought from home which we use to cover our legs and therefore present less of a target!!

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