Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Getting ready

At the moment we are running round like idiots trying to get ready, I have spent the day sorting out travel insurance, ordering currency and applying for a post office credit card to use abroad. Having spent almost 4 hours on the phone and Internet I am already asking whether it is worth it - and we haven't even started packing yet!!

Betty the Bongo has had go faster stripes put on, to get her in the mood for the long drive and the car insurance and breakdown cover is sorted. The trailer has had a new tyre and a lick of paint and the welcome addition of a bar on the back so John can actually see the end of the trailer from the drivers seat.

I cannot believe that it is less than 2 weeks until we set off and everything we are taking with us is scattered widely around the house and garage - from the two large jars of lollipops for the orphanages - which are on top of the piano, to the furniture we have painted to take over to the house - which have just finished being varnished and are in the garage. If we manage to get everything in it will be a miracle.

Biggest mistake so far was putting the tent up in the garden to make sure we knew how to do it. It is now wet through and there is no sign that the sun will come out for long enough to dry it out so we can pack it in the trailer - I fear that it will need to spend all next week drying out in the garage which should be a laugh as it is enormous.

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  1. count down now and will be following avidly xx thinking of you all xx have fun and keep us posted xx