Saturday, 30 July 2011

And we are off!!!!

Well the day has finally arrived - sandwiches are packed, all the iPods are packed and John fell asleep on the couch at rediculous a clock and is still there.
We finished packing at midnight and let's hope we don't have to unpack the trailer at any border crossings as this will add several weeks to the journey!
We are booked into a campsite just outside Folkestone for tonight and then on the channel tunnel in the morning. Have to say that the UK part of the journey is the one I am looking forward to least the thought of being stuck on the M25 in this heat with two stroppy kids sends me straight to the bulging medicine box for the diazepam - but hope springs eternal that we will escape that fate.

To anyone following the blog - sad news I cannot get it to put pics on - so I will load these separately onto Facebook.

We have a full tank of petrol, it's not dark, but we are wearing sun glasses here we go!!!!


  1. fab have a safe journey !

  2. have fun guys see you when you get back

  3. safe journey folks xx with you all the way xx